Your membership benefits our entire community by:

  • Supporting education for 4,000 + adults and children each year to increase the level of environmental awareness and understanding in our community;
  • Increasing math & scientific literacy among our regional students;
  • Inspiring the community to discover, explore, and enjoy the wonders of the natural world;
  • Encouraging active citizenry committed to stewardship and sustainability;
  • Building inter-generational relationships between volunteers of all ages and children during school, summer and community programs;
  • Maintaining the nature center facilities, exhibits, public amenities, parking lot and trails as a place to enjoy nature and learn, open for all people with no entrance fee.

In addition, a membership with the PNC  will also provide you free or reduced fee entry to over 800 Science and Nature Centers in the United States

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If you prefer to sign up and pay electronically please click below. We offer two different ways to sign up. You may renew manually each year or sign up for automatic renewal.                                                                     * PayPal adds a $3.00 service fee for every transaction

The Seedling Membership is for individuals and does not include discounts to summer camp.

The Sprout and Sapling Memberships are for families are include the discounts to summer camp.

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