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Ecosystem Explorers!

People, Plants, and Animals

Kindergarten (1.5 hours) ⇒Exploring with Sense: Sensory awareness is emphasized as children discover the diversity of the foothill environment. Using all five senses, students will explore how living things get information from their environment.                                    PlacerNatureCenter-K-Exploring With Senses

1st Grade (1.5 hours) ⇒ Habitat: By observing and discussing the places where animals live, students learn the concept of habitat. Students will explore the components of the habitat – food, shelter, water and space – and find how each is vital to survival of living things.                                                                                                          PlacerNatureCenter-1_Habitat_14

2nd Grade (1.5 hours) ⇒ Life Cycles: What is your life cycle? Does a rock have a life cycle? Students will explore the interrelationships of plants and animals in their life cycles by investigating various stages of animal development.                                                                                                    PlacerNatureCenter-2_LifeCycles_2014

3rd Grade (2 hours) ⇒ Native Americans of the Foothills: Who lived here first? The Maidu are Native Americans in the foothill area who had a flourishing culture before the Gold Rush. Students will examine Maidu artifacts, explore the Maidus’ relationship with their environment and visit replica Maidu family encampment.                          PlacerNatureCenter-3_Native_Americans_2014

4th Grade (2 hours) ⇒ Who’s Eating Whom: Where do you fit in? All creatures have an important place in the food chain. Students will create a food web using foothill plants and animals’. They will also explore the flow of energy from the sun to plants and animals through the food chain.                                                                                                     Placer Nature Center -4-Food Chains

WaterShed Explorers

1st Grade (1.5 hours) ⇒ Habitats in Water: What’s your water address? Through engaging activities, students learn who else needs water at our address and how can we conserve it so there’s enough for all.                                                                                                            PlacerNatureCenter-1_Habitats in Water_14

2nd Grade ⇒ Are You Me: Students discover animals that use water for part of their life cycle and explore the trail for life cycle stages. How is water in their life cycle?                                             PlacerNatureCenter-2_Aquatic Life Cycles_14

3rd Grade ⇒ Swimming Salmon: Students investigate the adaptations of the salmon that help it survive in its habitat. Who else uses salmon habitat?                                                                                                           PlacerNatureCenter-3_Swimming Salmon_2014   

4th Grade ⇒ Wetland Munchers: What are the food chains in the riparian zone? Who are the river dwellers and what do they eat? What role do the riparian plants play in this habitat? Students will investigate and answer these questions.                                                                PlacerNatureCenter-4_Wetland Munchers_14

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