Summer Camps 2014

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Camp Fees:

General Admission – $95.00                                                                                 Placer Nature Center Members – $85.00

Camp Descriptions:

June 12 & 13: Jr. Campers Training (must be 13 years or older to participate)     ⇒ Teen camp counselors guide the camp participants through nature investigations, nature games, nature songs, crafts and puppet shows for the children. Teens can choose one or several weeks to help.

June 16 – 20: Geology Rocks (ages 6-12)     ⇒Dig into the earth and explore rocks! Learn about the rock cycle, fossils and use the tools of a geologist. Play Quake Proof, go core sampling in a cupcake, and hard rock mining in chocolate chip cookies. Classify rocks, explore patterns and see what minerals go into your toothpaste. Make your own rock collection and take a meteorite walk. Create your own Sands of Time, crystal shapes, sandstone and exploding volcano. See how geology rocks your world and affects plants and animals everyday.

June 23-27: Gardening (ages 6-12)     ⇒Let’s grow a green thumb! Learn the ins and outs of gardening and start vegetables and flowers for your own home garden. Have fun testing soil texture, soil moisture, monitoring, checking for bugs and keeping plants healthy and happy!

July 7-11: Flutterbys (ages 6-12)     ⇒Do you know the order of the honeybee hive? Or what their dance means? Get your insect nets and bug viewers because we’re going on a scavenger hunt! See like and insect and learn about compound eyes, metamorphoses and all the different types of insects. Don’t forget, what’s a bug without the parts of the flower? We’ll trap specimens to study but will always do an insect release ceremony! Let’s play Forest Trail Fantasy, team up for the Garden Scent Trail, and then a little Sniff & Scout! Create a trash monster and record your discoveries by sketch.

July 14-18: CSI or Crime Scene Investigation (ages 8-12)     ⇒Become a wildlife detective. Learn the tools, techniques, and methods of a crime scene investigator in this hands-on forensic academy. Learn how to dust for fingerprints, search for trace evidence, and cast footprints – even animal tracks! Students will collect and analyze evidence to solve wildlife mysteries in this fun class.

July 21-25: Habitat Safari (ages 6-12)     ⇒Habitats are all around. Who lives there! Explore a variety of habitats for food, shelter, water, space and see how they provide animals with what they need to survive.

July 28 – August 1: Water Wizards (ages 6-12)     ⇒What is so special about water? Investigate the many properties of water through experiments and observations. Watch water carve a landscape, examine aquatic pond animals, explore the ecology of aquatic life, and have plenty of fun with water play!

August 4-8: Howlers (ages 6-12)     ⇒Explore the world of mammals, learn to read animal trails and navigate the web of life. Investigate skulls and pelts. Learn about the different types of teeth and other adaptations! Explore animal homes, use a microscope to look at fur and guess the Mystery Skull. Paint rocks and your face to look like your favorite critter. Understand habitat and start your own mini nature journal as we explore. Take part in the Creature Symphony, make animal tracks, and much more!

Summer Camp 2014 Brochure:     Summer Camp 2014 Brochure

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