Summer Camps 2018

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Thank you all for joining us at our 2017 Summer Camp- all the children had a wonderful time and we appreciate your support!


Check back in the spring for 2018 Summer Camp details

Sample Camp Descriptions:

Jr. Campers Training (must be 13 years or older to participate) Teen camp counselors guide the camp participants through nature investigations, nature games, nature songs, crafts and puppet shows for the children. Teens can choose one or several weeks to help.

Dirt Made My Lunch (Ages 6-10)  How do plants affect our lives? Learn about the environment and us! We will explore different plant parts, how plants transform solar energy into chemical energy, and how you can grow plants in a sustainable way.                                         Dates and Times: 

Howlers (ages 6-10)  Can you howl like a coyote or walk like a fox? Explore our local foothill mammals! Learn to identify animal trails, tracks, scat and more! Investigate different mammal skulls, teeth and adaptations. Check out the fur of our mammals big and small!       Dates and Times:

Dinosaur Discoveries (ages 6-10)  On the land, in the sea, and in the air – dinosaurs were everywhere! Come and earn about their different sizes, names, behaviors, adaptations and habitats on ancient Earth.

Geology Rocks (ages 6-10)  Dig into the earth and explore rocks! Learn about the rock cycle, fossils and tools used by geologists. From earthquakes to exploding volcanoes, meteorites to crystals, rocks and minerals are all around us. See how geology rocks your world and affects plants and animals every day!                                               Dates and Times:

Flutterbys (ages 6-12) Do you know the order of the honeybee hive? Or what their dance means? Get your insect nets and bug viewers because we’re going on a scavenger hunt! See like an insect and learn about compound eyes, metamorphoses and all the different types of insects. Don’t forget, what’s a bug without the parts of the flower? We’ll trap specimens to study but will     always do an insect release ceremony! t’s play Forest Trail Fantasy and then team up for the Garden Scent Trail, and then a little Sniff & Scout! Create a trash monster and record your discoveries by sketch.

Water Wizards (ages 6-10)  Explore the water cycle and our connection to and influence on Earth’s most limited resource. Learn why water is so special to life. Gain knowledge and understanding of our local watershed and ways we can help conserve and maintain clean water.

Sunlight, Starlight and Orbs (Ages 6-10)  Examine how the sun drives Earth’s natural systems and makes our planet suitable for life. We will explore how the sun’s energy can be harvested and utilized to sustain our modern world. Learn about stars, planets, constellations and galaxies as we expand our understanding of the universe and beyond!

Feather Finders, (Ages 6-12)   How do birds fly and what are barbules? Why do birds migrate and how? We’re pulling out the   binoculars and going birding! From songbirds to raptors, we’ll look at flight patterns and use tools to explore how different beaks and feet are used and all about bird camouflage!



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