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FALL 2018 Home School Programs

Each class is repeated twice with same content.

What:   Stream Swimmers                                                                                        When: September 24 & Oct. 8                                                                               NOTE** Sept 24th Class  is FULL

Where: The PNC                                                                                                                 Times: 10 am – 12 pm                                                                                                 Fees: $10 per student

Stream Swimmers   Explore water environments within a watershed to help define just what exactly a watershed is. Through hands-on experimentation, students will determine the special qualities of water and the importance of water quality on natural ecosystems and life itself. Students will develop an understanding of California’s complex water distribution and identify their own watershed.

What: Ecology                                                                                                                     When: October 29 & Nov. 19                                                                                 Where: The PNC                                                                                                                 Times: 10 am – 12 pm                                                                                                         Fees: $10 per student

Ecology Everything is Connected: The   interrelationships of living things form a complex ecological drama. Students explore the relationships of living things within the abiotic world: in soil, among large species and through a microscope in a drop of pond water. How do we humans fit into this interconnected world?

What: My Lunch and the Landfill                                                                                When: November 26 & Dec. 10       NOTE**  11-26 CLASS IF FULL

Where: The PNC                                                                                                                 Times: 10 am – 12 pm                                                                                                         Fees: $10 per student

My Lunch and the Landfill: What is a no garbage lunch? Explore issues of solid waste disposal and resource consumption. You’ll never believe the life of everyday things or look at lunch the same way again.

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Classes require a minimum of six students to be registered.

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