January 2019

Garden Series – Jan. 5th– 10:00- 12:00 

STICKS AND STONES                                                                                                   Kids Ages 3+                                                                                     FREE~Donations are always accepted or become a member! 
Imagine chimes or checkers out of sticks and stones!  Explore creative fun from Nature’s own. This is just the start of where a stick or stone could lead you. Let their shapes and sizes inspire your own design. 

 Story Book Trail     

Jan. 18- 10:30 am Loomis Library

The Night Before the Snow Day”


February 2, Saturday, 10-12 PM                                           Water Wonders

Water properties (experiments – water Olympics)                                 Water quest trail walk scavenger hunt                                                   Water weather – clouds, dew, rain, snow – wacky weather                     Water in soil – drainage                                                                                                Water in living things – compare fruits – apples/oranges – Compare plants


March 2, 2019, Saturday, 10-12 PM   Nature’s Planters

What do you know about gray squirrels and scrub jays?  We will search for seedling trees.  We will plant seeds in the PNC garden and you can take seeds home to plant in your garden. We will talk about garden themes and basic garden tips.


April 6, 2019, Saturday, 10-12 PM                      Bee-utiful or Butterfly Flutterby or Buggy Bugs

We will focus on insects in the garden and on the trail with insect net experiences.   Learn about Insect life cycles, butterflies, ladybug and bees. Learn about their habits and benefits.

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