Ashlee Andrews

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Ashlee Andrews works on her senior projectHello my name is Ashlee Andrews, I am a senior at Bear River High School doing my senior project on Wildlife Conservation.

I decided to get my twenty hours of job shadowing and community service at the Placer Nature Center, because they focus on saving and restoring our local environment. I have a strong passion for not just the environment and nature, but for all living things in nature. This is the reason I aspire to become a wildlife biologist. Working with the Placer Nature Center has been a delight, the work is fun and rewarding. It is not only rewarding for our local environment but also for myself.

Being outside and in the fresh air makes me feel so free and at peace, and being able to preserve the wildlife is what I strive to do everyday. I try to eat all organic foods, use eco friendly items, and decrease my carbon foot print to save the environment. What I like most about the Placer Nature Center is that it is a learning center for children, which is a very important as it teaches kids to appreciate and respect nature at a young age. In today’s world we are going to need all of the nature lovers we can get in order to save this beautiful planet from becoming extinct from over population and the rapid spread of urban cities.

Ever since I was a little girl I have grown up learning and loving to be with animals and in nature. I would play in creeks and spend most of my time outside exploring and seeing all that I could see from nature. My main goal is to save not only the wildlife on this planet but also the habitats and environments which we live in. My hope is that some day everyone will realize that we are sharing this world with other living organisms and that we as humans will respect this planet we call home.